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      Technical Parameter

      I. basic process performance of machine tool:

      The machine tool is a deep hole equipment which is specially used for heavy-duty workpiece inner hole processing. The machine tool can complete the drilling, boring, expanding, rolling and nesting processing of the inner hole; the boring rod is used to supply the cutting fluid to discharge the cutting fluid and iron chips to (the head end of the bed). According to the user's requirements, the machine tool can be equipped with a drilling (boring) rod box to increase its drilling and cutting functions. The BTA internal chip removal process is adopted when drilling; the workpiece can rotate at a low speed, and the cutter can rotate at a high speed and feed back and forth to improve the processing efficiency.

      The diameter of the inner hole of the workpiece processed by the heavy-duty deep hole boring machine can reach φ 800mm, and the length of the workpiec can reach 16m.

      Machining accuracy of machine tool:

      Counter boring: aperture precision IT 9-10. Surface roughness: Ra6.3.

      Precision boring: aperture precision IT8-9. Surface roughness: Ra3.2.
       Burnishing: aperture precision IT 8-9. Surface roughness: above Ra0.4.

      Straightness of machining hole: ≤ 0.15/1000mm.

      Outlet deviation of machining hole: ≤ 0.5/1000mm.

      Machining efficiency of machine tool:

      Cutting speed: determined according to the tool structure, material and workpiece material, generally 50-100m / min

      Feed speed: it is determined according to the processing conditions and process conditions, generally 10-100mm / min

      Maximum stock removal  allowed  during boring: it is determined according to the structure, material and workpiece of the tool, generally not more than 30mm.

      II. Main technical specifications and parameters of machine tool:

      technical specifications



      Boring diameter range


      Drilling diameter range


      Machining depth range

      1-16m(1 specification per 1 m interval)

      Spindle center height

      800mm   /1000mm

      Headstock spindle diameter


      Front end taper hole of main shaft


      Spindle speed range and series

      3-120r/min stepless

      Main motor


      Feed speed range

      0.5-450mm/minThird gear stepless

      Fast moving speed of carriage


      Workpiece clamping diameter range


      Diameter of drill box spindle (optional)


      Main motor


      Taper hole at the front end of drill  box  spindle (optional)


       drill  box speed range (optional)

      16-270r/min Level 12

      feed motor

      N=5.5 kw  (AC servo)

      Carriage rapid  motor


      Cooling pump motor

      N=5.5 kw, (3 group)

      Hydraulic pump motor


      Rated working pressure of cooling system


      Cooling system flow


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